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What Flo Eats - Weaning Course

Flo's Weaning Course: Who is the course suitable for. The course can be accessed by any mother who wants reliable and supportive guidance on weaning their toddler or baby off of breastmilk and onto solid food. The course is suitable for babies between the ages of 6 to 12 months.

  • The benefits of weaning your baby. Deciding to wean your baby from breastfeeding to other forms of nutrition can be a difficult process for some mothers and can bring around a variety of anxieties. Although you may feel sad that you are no longer going to be sharing a breastfeeding experience with your offspring, weaning them onto food will be the start of a much more exciting journey.

  • Weaning your baby onto solid food will provide your baby with more of the nutrients it needs as it continues to develop.

  • Other members of the family can be a part of feeding the baby.

  • The act of eating can assist your baby with important mouth, tongue and jaw movements.

  • Eating is a social activity, and once your baby begins to eat, it can pick up and engage in valuable social interactions

    Suitable for babies between 6 months and 12 months.

    This is an online self-paced course. You have unlimited access to the weaning course. Suitable for babies 6-12months old. 
About Growing with Flo
Growing with Flo is a blog about the life of baby Flo. With a little help from her mother, Flo has inspired babies all over the world to eat independently and healthily. Through webinars, social media updates and her successful book, “What Flo Eats”, Flo provides mothers and babies alike with useful tips, tricks and tools to promote healthy development in toddlers and babies. Follow in the path of Flo and encourage your baby to flourish as they grow with Flo’s Weaning Course.

 Once course and content is accessed we do not offer refunds or transfer. By purchasing this course, you accept the terms and conditions on www.growingwithflo.co.uk